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Terms of complaint and warranty

VIII. Warranty

The applicable legal provisions apply to the customer’s rights in case of material and non-material damage (including incorrect and incomplete delivery as well as incorrect installations or incorrect installation instructions), unless otherwise stated below.

The request for a complaint by the customer assumes that the customer has fulfilled its obligations in full to the company Tech Garden d.o.o.

Tech Garden may refuse to rectify defects until the customer has settled all of its debts, with the exception of one amount corresponding to the amount of the defective goods. In this case, the buyer is obliged to pay in advance only if Tech Garden has confirmed the defects in writing.

Tech Garden must be allowed to inspect deficiencies on the spot. If on-site inspection is not provided, the complaint is invalid.

The deadline for complaints expires on the established warranty dates for the products, ie from the moment of order confirmation or the beginning of the order. Tech Garden gives a guarantee for the following products for the following period of time: all mosses 3 years, all leaves 3 years, all ferns 1 year and all flowers 1 year.

During the valid warranty period, in the event of a complaint after it has been determined that it is legally grounded and valid, Tech Garden does not refund funds but is exclusively obliged to deliver the technically correct product to the customer.

In the case of return of goods, Tech Garden does not bear the costs arising from the cost of delivery service; these costs are borne exclusively by the client.

For the case referred to in Article II, paragraph 2. General Terms and Conditions Tech Garden does not bear the costs arising from variations of the final product

The buyer has an obligation to keep the goods in good condition during the retention period, which in particular includes compliance with the Conditions and recommendations for installation and storage of the product. Also, Tech Garden does not approve a warranty for all interventions on installations done by the client in its arrangement.

In case of non-compliance with the Conditions and recommendations for installation and maintenance of the product, the client does not realize any guarantees for Tech Garden products.